Thursday, October 2, 2008

Corps Diplomatique - The Diplomatic Corps

Someone make me an Ambassador :-)

Now this is a job I would love, being a diplomat. Maybe I would not have the patience for it though.

Cuz the world gets me down sometimes.

Diplomats. What a cushy life that is. Getting driven around in a limousine, people waiting on you hand and foot.

Did you know? They even get special licence plates on their cars so they don't need to pay parking tickets like us mere mortals.

They get paid well too, $100,000 a year to start. Not bad work if you can get it.

Plus. Let's not forget diplomatic immunity. Yes, good old diplomatic immunty. That means if they commit a serious crime, they don't go to jail like the rest of us. They just get expelled from the country as "persona non grata"

The "Vienna Convention 1961 on Diplomatic Relations" ensures that they don't face trail.

The police cannot search them, cannot search their homes and offices. Looks like they have got it made in every way. I guess with all this power and a bucket full of perks, getting a leggy trophy wife is a doddle too.

Of course, there is a way to become a diplomat and all the rights and privileges without the inconvenience of going to university and studying diplomacy.

Simply buy a diplomatic appointment with diplomatic passport, diplomatic drivers license, diplomatic immunity and diplomatic email via

I would if I had the money, but sadly I don't.

Oh world, why are you so cruel to me!


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am getting more and more worried about the economy and global meltdown.

The more things change the more they remain the same. The fundamental challenges we face today have changed little since Chaucer penned his observations on life and distilled them in a set of tales. In the modern city of Canterbury University Students analyse and dissect the meanings conveyed in texts set in that very locale in the 1300’s.

Youngsters face today’s Jekyll and Hyde society not knowing that the Constants remain; love, betrayal, desire, fear. Each story conveys a lesson as we study for our degree in the "University of Life", the big diploma mill of which we are all Alumni. We sit grinning like Cheshire cats, thinking we have all the answers.

We call it a success when we pollute our atmosphere shooting down our own Satellite USA 193, Market Street Credibility is our preferred accreditation and recognition from our peers and fellow consumers, we Poison our Planet for Profit. Banks have crashed before and remember – you can’t eat money.

Globalization has consequences. Everything we do has consequences, even something simple like buying firewood. The Oregon ODA advises not to obtain anything from out-of-state because of all the insects and diseases it might carry. That is just a relatively local issue. Imagine all the things that are carried around the world each day – each hour. We must protect our future, just as we should remember our past. All over the world, From the UK to the USA and the Seychelles to Egypt, still, yes, STILL, there is no REAL alternative to fossil fuels.

Are we all going to purgatory in a wheelbarrow telling each other stories to pass the time? Sometimes I wonder!

Sorry guys, I had a long day and feel sick of the world. Rant Over!